About Me

I am a photographer, videographer, editor, retoucher, VFX enthusiast, ex-hairdresser, autodidact, and general weirdo.  This website is for all the different work that I do.  My aesthetic for photo shoots tends towards the avant-garde, which I very much attribute to my previous decade long career as hairdresser for Toni&Guy Hairdressing.  During my time there, I was the Regional Education Director and won two national awards for Hairdresser of The Year and Best in Texture in North America.  All those years of styling hair for the runway and for photo shoots was part of what got me into photography in the first place.

My obsession with learning about everything that makes an image great led me to intern with the amazingly talented Puspa Lohmeyer.  I interned for her at Tweak West for about a year and a half before I moved to Austin, Texas.  I sort of accidentally stumbled into video shortly before my move to Texas. It held my attention enough that once I moved to Texas, I decided it was time to switch careers and give all my attention to video and photo. Here in Austin, I own a destination wedding video/photo company called Minimist which focuses on a journalistic approach to making a documentary style film.

This website is for all the other work that I do. This is the place where I can be myself and make work that pushes and excites me. I hope you enjoy visiting as much as I enjoyed making it.